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11344 Interstate 10
exit 797(eastbound),
exit 798(westbound),
on I-10 east
Baytown, TX 77523
(281) 303-3000

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"The first thing is, they just went ahead and got the job done and didnít bug me over the phone or anything. I said, 'I need to get it sold.' They said, 'Okay, we will take care of it.' Overall I was quite happy withÖ When I brought it in, they were real nice to me, and I didnít even have to go back. There was nothing about my experience with them that I didnít like. Amazing!"

...Duncan B.

"They were fair. Its not the first unit they sold for me. Iím a repeat offender. They sold two units for me. So, I mean they did everything they said they were going to do. They advertised it on the net, they put it where I asked them to put it on the lot. They showed the heck out of it. I had looked at another big consignment lot. Iíve looked at units over there and I didnít like the fact that no salesmen went out with them. They just kind of left all their units unlocked. Kind of like a free-for-all. People tromping in and out of the units. You just donít want people that just want to look and arenít even interested. I liked the fact PPC kept the units locked and people didnít go out there unless they were escorted. They couldnít get in unless they were escorted and  then they locked them back up. If somebody asked me who would sell their RV for them, Iíd say take it over and see PPC in Baytown."

...Jim O.

"We found out about Private Party Consignments from the phone book. I chose PPC RVs because of the friendly service. I didnít like other dealers. I have already recommended PPC to someone wanting to buy an RV. They were polite end straight forward. No complaints at all. The prices were reasonable. The people were great. ...very impressed with them.  ...answered all my questions. Very nice to deal with, no problems."

...The Marís

This family bought three (3) RVs from PPC and sold two (2) of them here! "We were referred by a friend and chose PPC because of their convenience. They were honest, good advice about pricing and when to come down on price. They were forthcoming about information on RVs we were looking at. The people we dealt with were courteous and helpful. We have already recommended them to more than one person wanting to buy/sell an RV."

...The Russís

"We were selling our RV for my husbandís mother. The selling process was a real headache until we found Private Party Consignments. We would recommend PPC to someone wanting to buy/sell an RV. They took care of everything. They were friendly, courteous, fair. They didnít try to pull one over on us. They were convenient and close to home. Very nice people. Really sweet."

...The Wingís

ďWe drove by and saw PPCís billboard. We went by to rent a trailer and ended up buying one. They took good care of us. Not pushy. We were definitely satisfied with the service they offered. They even came out to the house to help. They offered personal service, people were helpful and personable. We would absolutely recommend PPC to someone wanting to buy/sell an RV.Ē

...The Kapís

I liked their professionalism and their commitment long term to get it done. They knew it wouldnít be a slam-dunk, easy, quick turnover. He told me up front and he was right.  I appreciated knowing the trailer was kept in tip-top presentation. I knew it was presented the best it could be presented to whomever was going to look at it. I would certainly recommend PPC to someone else who maybe buying or selling.

...Artie P.

"I'm very satisfied with PPC. We had worked with them on another one. I think they earnestly tried to sell [my RV] and didnít always strive to immediately drop the selling price like so many of them do. After having them a week, they [other dealers] automatically want to drop it $5000 or $10,000. He was not pushy on that and was very good at showing the RV. We were completely satisfied with the way they carried out business with us. They did a great job and if they thought they had anything going for us they would call and talk to us about it and get our input before they did anything. I really would recommend PPC because I think what they represent Ö I think they represent what they are talking about rather than sugarcoating something. It was wonderful with them and they did exactly what they said they would do. I really would recommend them."

...Evelyn D.

Houston, Texas

11344 I-10 East
Baytown, Texas 77523

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